Post about Angel Design by Liyri.

Angel Design. Acrylic on canvas. Liyri, 2017.


Angel - Liyri, 2019

Angel, is one of the most beautiful work ever done by Liyri.

Abstract art is meaning non attachment to object or material reality. Abstract art it is emotions, power, energy beyond reality and unconditional love to the Universe. 

Angel was created by human, an Artist Liyri that worked as a transmitter between two realities: unconscious and conscious. 

This art creating is one of the most amazing work - Angel, as it appears without intention of creating. 

Liyri did this painting in Copenhagen, Denmark few years ago. That was the time when he need something more than just an existence of body.  Angel come to him and lightened the way of existence body, mind and spirit.

Liyri wants this artwork to travel and live multiple lives so Angel can inspire others. 

Available in our store in multiple collections.


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